It's never to late to appreciate a classic game, although it may be too late to understand it.
Published on March 9, 2009 By Phil Conrad In Gaming

They actually made a remake of a Epyx game for the DS, I had never played.  Actually, I had never even heard of it, which is pretty rare for me.  It's called Impossible Mission, and it lives up to the name.  Apparently this came out in 2007, but I somehow completely missed it.  There's a nifty premise to the game but there's one whole aspect I don't understand at all.

You're a super-spy and you have to save the world from some evil guy's missile strike.  To do this, you need to infiltrate his lair, avoid his deadly robots, manipulate his tricky platforms and search out all the puzzle pieces of the password to disarm the missile.  It's the last bit I don't get.  I can't figure out how to put puzzle pieces together.  The manual says I can get hints at the system3 website, but it no longer has any reference to this remake.  I even tried the Wayback machine - no dice.  I seem to have purchased a remake that has achieved obsolescence by itself!

I'm not going to let the lack of the ability to win the game hamper my blog entry.  The game play is pretty fun.  Each level presents a puzzle that may or may not require use of the 'disable robots' or 'reset platforms' passwords.  I'm fairly sure that even elite players would not be able to search every screen without these hacks.  The thing is, you don't ever know for sure where to find the passwords you need to solve each level.  Two musical puzzle grid rooms are supposed to give out extra passwords, but I haven't figured out how to get them to pay off yet.

There is woefully little information about this game on-line, even though the original was a C64 classic.  It got ported to all the computers of the day, and also Sega Genesis.  Apparently, there is a version of just the puzzle game I'm stumped on for Linux.  I happen to have an Ubuntu Linux box at home, so I may give that a shot.

I have this deep seated love of underdog games.  I can't really explain it.  I still have a Fire Emblem game and a Dragon Quest that I haven't even broke the shrink wrap off of.  Yet, I'm still obsessing over this $10 retro-game.

If anybody can give me a quick summary on how to asseble the puzzle pieces, I'd really appreciate it.

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